About This Blog


A Real Man.

Why do we tend to instinctively know when we are in the presence of such an individual? Whether we aspire to imitate him, or feel threatened by him, we are undoubtedly aware. We may try to deny it, to redefine masculinity by qualities we feel we have in abundance, or negate those we feel are too difficult to acquire; but whichever response we have, we unmistakably affirm that we have encountered a man among men.

So what defines this masculinity for which we instinctively aim or avoid? Why do we define personalities such as The Marlboro Man, The Most Interesting Man in the World, James Bond, John Wick, and John Wayne as men in a way that the vast majority of us, in some way, fall short?

As a father of 4, I desire to model what a real man is so my children will have an example (although imperfect) of how a man should be. That’s what this blog is about. Pondering, defining, implementing (and challenging you to do the same) what it means to truly be a man.


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